Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Banned from Debate.org - A new beginning?

Recently I was banned from Debate.org for creating a duplicate account to mock a Christian troll, and then subsequently lying about it.

For those of you who do not what Debate.org (http://www.debate.org/) is, it's a site where you can debate people. There is also a forum that is used more than the debates. It's a small website, but a good one considering it's community. And it's growing.

I was banned for creating an account called "Mrs.Datcmoto", mocking the wife of a Christian troll on the website. The troll is, obviously, a user called Datcmoto (http://www.debate.org/). While trolls and flamers are common on a forum and bearable to a certain extent, this guy never shuts up and accompanied his posts with quotes from the bible with little or no relevance to the topic at hand.

Now, obviously in most forums these people are ignored after a while. But Debate.org is a gathering of Debaters, so it is a slight cut above the rest in terms of intellect. So we found ourselves compelled to challenge this lurking troll. He fed off this attention and grew even more annoying. We tried showing the logical fallacy and flaw of his argument. We tried being nice, then being cruel. We tried everythign imaginable. We tried ignoring him. Then, we were at our wits end. I decided mocking him until he snapped would work best. However, vigilantes don't succeed on forums.

My IP was banned, and proxies don't seem to work. So, I'm going to try and leave a farewell note, and take my internet persona elsewhere. I've joined twitter (http://twitter.com/I_am_a_panda_), and this. They are two general sites where I an say if I joined somewhere, to make it known to any followers, thoguh I suspect few.

Anway, I will ponder more points of this Panda.